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    PS3 Flower’s grass impossible on other systems

    ThatGameCompany describes their dependence on the PlayStation 3’s SPU processors in rendering Flower’s multitude of grass blades. I was incredibly impressed by the graphics of ThatGameCompany’s Flower when I reviewed the game in February. There are thousands of grass blades that all interact with you (the wind) during gameplay. In an interview with Kellee Santiago, […]


      An Interview with ThatGameCompany: Flower

      In our interview with ThatGameCompany we look into their latest release Flower, covering everything from the inspirations behind the game, whether they might branch out into full retail games and how many flowers are actually in Flower. We caught up with ThatGameCompany’s co-founder and president Kellee Santiago to talk everything Flower, including questions provided by […]


        Top Gear to be in Gran Turismo 5

        Sony, the makers of Playstation 3, and Polyphony Digital, responsible for the wildly popular Gran Turismo franchise, today announced a partnership with BBC Worldwide to include Top Gear footage in the fifth version of the game. Top Gear will be available on the Gran Turismo TV, a dedicated online channel, which will launch on the […]