God of War Blu-ray Collection Announced for PS3

The God of War Blu-ray collection is a reality and will be coming to the PS3 this Christmas.

We reported on a rumour last month that the PlayStation 2’s God of War and God of War II would be coming to its younger PlayStation 3 on one Blu-ray disc. That rumour has been confirmed to be true.

Yes, Sony has announced the God of War Collection, which will bring the original God of War and God of War II to the PS3 in 720p high-definition.

Both games have also been remastered with anti-aliasing, will run at a smooth 60-frames-per-second and will support trophies as a series first; all getting you ready for God of War III in March 2010.

The Collection will feature a budget retail price of $39.99 in the US, although no European or UK pricing being announced just yet.

“We are excited today to announce God of War Collection,” said Scott Rohde, vice president, Worldwide Studios America.

“Our fans spoke and we listened; thanks to our partnership with Bluepoint Games, fans and newcomers to the series can experience the epic God of War and God of War II saga in stunning 720p on PS3. This Blu-ray Disc compilation brings Kratos to PS3 even earlier than expected.”

It was also rumoured that this Collection would include a playable demo of God of War III, and since this Blu-ray collection is a reality, we wouldn’t put it past Sony to announce the demo later this year.