Indecent exposure common in Xbox Live’s UNO

Apparently UNO’s camera capability harbours sexual deviants.

Yesterday’s story, about a three-year-old being subjected to pornography whilst her father played UNO on Xbox Live, struck a cord with many of you. Some blamed the parent, claiming that they should know better: don’t play UNO online in an open game. Others were disgusted that such an offence should ever happen in a family game.

The NeoGAF poster who experienced the offence has further commented that he will not contact the police, but urges others to report violations to Microsoft:

“I have not reported the guy to the police nor will I. I don’t want a lynch mob formed either. However, if other people played games (or play games in the future) with him and encounter other such ToS violations, I’d certainly like it if those people reported the violations so Microsoft gets enough complaints to ban his account.”

“I just want people to enforce some reasonable degree of civility. I don’t care if people swear like sailors on ‘M’ rated shooters. But joining an open E-rated children’s card game and putting up porn when you full well know there are children playing? That is just not acceptable behavior.”

A couple of Gamezine commenters bring their experiences of Xbox Live’s UNO to the table. Rob from Tanpa Bay said:

“I have had this disgusting garbage happen to me while playing UNO a few years back. When I joined an online game where one of the players (I will assume an adult male) was naked from the waist down with everything in plain view. I am by no means a prude, but this was uncalled for!”

There’s a time and a place people… Apophis1989 from Knoxville says he’s completely given up on playing the game due to another incident of indecent exposure:

“I used to play UNO on Xbox Live until I saw two people in the act of fornication on their camera with no regard to anyone else. The gamertag owner had apparently set up a never-ending game that was open to anyone and did not even play the game. I stopped playing the game shortly after that incident.”

Why is this funny? Why should Xbox Live gamers of all ages have to suffer this kind of experience? Should UNO warn all those under 18-years-old to only join closed games and make sure the camera capability is turned off? Who’s to blame?