Mirror’s Edge Third-Person View Activated

It’s time to experience Mirror’s Edge in the third-person.

Mirror’s Edge revolutionised the platforming genre by introducing it to the first-person view – a view that had traditionally been relegated to shooters. But how would the game have looked if it was played in the traditional third-person view? Now you can find out.

Not only can you find out what the game’s protagonist, Faith, looks like when she runs by watching the video below (we think she looks hilarious), you can actually pull the camera out yourself in the PC game.

Yes, the character model is limited and the DICE development team clearly only concentrated on the animation of Faith’s arms and legs for the first-person camera, but it’s still an amusing experience.

To perform the mod, follow Jbdvrock’s YouTube post:

  • “Go to ‘Documents\EA Games\Mirror’s Edge\TdGame\Config\’
  • Open the file “TDInput” with notepad.
  • Add this line to the “bindings” list:
  • Bindings=(Name=”F4¿,Command=”FreeFlightC amera”,Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=Fal se)
  • Press F4 a few times. First you get the free cam (noclip) and later the third person cam.”

If you really want to use this code, make sure you watch the video below before making the plunge.