Naughty Dog: Uncharted 2 Teaser is Real-Time


Nathan Drake

The Uncharted 2 teaser trailer sent waves through the forums. One question that kept arising; is the trailer rendered in real-time, or is it fancy CGI? Naughty Dog has exclusively given Gamezine the answer.

Richard Diamant, Naughty Dog’s Lead Character Artist, told Gamezine; “Yes, the trailer was all rendered real-time in our engine.”

So there you have it. Naughty Dog are one of the few developers to dislike creating false expectations with CGI trailers, and just like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, their very first teaser is rendered in real-time.

To watch the trailer, please follow this link to our previous story on the title.

[UPDATE] – I’m noticing a lot of people saying, “So what if it’s real-time? It’s a cutscene not gameplay.” If we refer back to a Richard Diamant interview I gave in 2007, the differences between cutscenes and gameplay were few and far between in the original game;

Patrick: The characters in Uncharted are some of the most impressive video game models to date. They look even more impressive up close in the cutscenes. Are the in-game models any different from the cutscene models?

Richard: Thanks! Nope, the in game models are the exact same models that are used in the cutscenes. They also use the exact same textures. There really is no difference between them at all.

The only difference between the cutscenes and in game is a little higher quality lighting and shadowing. Hopefully not too noticeably different. We really wanted to keep the players immersed as much as possible. This meant using the same assets across the board.”

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