Rumour: Yakuza for WW PSN release and Sonic Anniversary Blu-ray

SEGA and SCEA’s meeting; it’s the document that keeps on giving.

A document transcribing a secret meeting between SEGA of America and Sony Computer Entertainment America has already been bearing gifts, including mention of possible PS2 and Dreamcast emulation on the PS3, and news on the console’s motion controller.

The document also includes mention of some of SEGA’s IPs, such as Yakuza and Sonic.

Yakuza 3 was a massive hit in Japan, but the title has yet to be released outside of the country.

Though there’s been some mention of the game’s release in the US, the August 5th 2009 transcript lists the possibility of putting the Japanese game straight onto the PlayStation Store in a “special Japanese Import section” with a price of $39.99 for the full game.

With Yakuza 4 already announced, it’s about time this game’s prequel was released outside of Japan. The publisher plans to at least localise the menus and add subtitles to the game.

Sonic is another IP mentioned in the document, with the first appearance of a “Sonic Anniversary” collectors editions featuring all old Sonic games on one Blu-ray disc. SCEA has shown interest in PSN exclusive power ups and different game modes to be included in the release.

Read the full SEGA and SCEA Meeting Notes right here.