Upcoming Films Perfect For VR Games

We may still be in the early stages of in-home virtual reality gaming, but it’s becoming pretty apparent that developers are keeping an eye on major films for inspiration. Pretty early on we saw The Martian used as the foundation for a VR experience (though it wasn’t exactly a game). And since, we’ve seen more collaboration between VR developers and popular film. There was an Independence Day: Resurgence trailer for VR devices, a Jurassic World game, and a few more examples.

Given this information, it’s only natural to expect that as VR developers create more and more games in the coming years, they’ll occasionally look to major films for subject matter. And with that in mind, here are some upcoming films that are ideal for VR adaptation.

Fast 8

The Fast & Furious films have become about far more than street racing. Years ago, the actual street races comprised the bulk of the action. But somewhere along the line, our favourite street racers turned into all-around action heroes, and now these films look more like Mission Impossible than the original The Fast And The Furious. That said, the racing can still make for a complete game. Fast & Furious: Legacy, one of several franchise-based mobile games from Kabam, proved that an experience built on the drivers, cars, and memorable racing moments from the series could work well. And a similar concept in VR would be spectacular, given that racing games tend to be among the most impressive on VR already. Don’t be too surprised if there’s a tie-in with the upcoming Fast 8.

John Wick: Chapter 2

Most any action or shoot-em-up film would be interesting on VR, but if you happened to catch the first John Wick, you might share our belief that this one could be particularly intriguing. It’s hard to explain, but John Wick had a very unique brand of shooting action that would enable a VR developer to focus mostly on the shooting, and less on the movement or the full plot of a film. Essentially, a developer could make a stationary shooter with progression through different stages and still accurately incorporate the visuals and general style of John Wick. The sequel is expected in 2017, and could well inspire a VR game. And according to RoadToVR, Starbreeze Studios has already been working on a game based on the first film!

Top Gun 2

There’s still no definite release date for Top Gun 2, but we do know it’s coming, and we also know that while the original produced a number of video games, none were particularly noteworthy. And now, the last lingering vestige of Top Gun gaming is a selection among the licensed slots and similar games at Betfair’s casino, which, admittedly, is good fun. In that game, you spend the bulk of your time spinning a slot wheel while listening to music from the film. But you’ll also enjoy a bonus game that allows you to shoot down enemy ships. Now just imagine a similar experience designed as a first person VR flight simulator. It could have music and even characters from the film (in this case, probably the sequel) while allowing you to feel like you’re in a cockpit engaging in aerial dogfighting.

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

It’s hard to know what to make of Guy Ritchie’s forthcoming King Arthur film based on a crazy first trailer. Frankly, it looks like it could be a fascinating and unique thrill or a total and complete disaster. But if it does end up being a success, and people get interested in the King Arthur narrative, you can bet there will be interest in stepping into the legend’s shoes to wield Excalibur in VR!

Avatar 2

If it’s hard to know what to make of the King Arthur film, it’s even harder to predict what James Cameron will be presenting when his Avatar sequel finally reaches the cinema. But given that the original Avatar more or less represented the pinnacle of 3D film (and probably still does), it’s a decent bet that a VR adaptation will be attempted. From a plot and performance standpoint, there was never anything particularly special about Avatar. But the way the film immersed viewers in a gorgeous alien environment made for an unparalleled experience, and one that could be made even greater on VR.

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